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Book 10 – The Old Century by Siegfried Sassoon

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A gentle autobiography of a happy childhood. All I really know about Sassoon is his character as portrayed in Regeneration, plus his Wikipedia page. This book was most interesting for the reflective way it describes the growth of a poet.


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Book 9 – How Bad Are Bananas by Mike Berners-Lee

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A useful reference book, analysing the carbon footprint of all manner of activities from sending a text to a war.

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Book 8 – 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

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Another offering from the Really Quite Interesting shelves of my young niece, who is indeed now an architecture student. I’ve finally learned how to draw a line.

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Book 5 – The Uses and Abuses of History by Margaret Macmillan

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I was disappointed by this book, but am not really sure why. The author is an academic historian, who wrote it on the back of a lecture series she gave in 2007. The overall premise is to illustrate how historical events and situations are continually redrawn and reinterpreted to suit the purposes of changing political interests.

She gave lots of examples, most well known, some others more obscure, but I struggled to identify any clear argument beyond “History needs to be handled with care”.

I found myself wanting to read less about how this or that politician has manipulated (or ignored) the history of Iraq, or the Cultural Revolution, or the Balkans, and more actual history.

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Book 3 – The Intellectuals and The Masses by John Carey

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This one best categorised as an extended brainy rant, and reading it gives me a rationale for why I disliked¬†this book¬†so much. Essentially, modernists were completely up themselves. And they didn’t like other people very much either.


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Book 25 – Chernobyl Prayer by Svetlana Alexievich

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Hardly know where to start to describe the terrible, sad beauty of this book. Just read it.

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Book 23 – The Scarlet and the Black by J.P.Gallagher

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True story of heroism and derring-do in wartime Rome, about an Irish priest who used the peculiar diplomatic status of the Vatican to create an underground railroad for escaped Allied servicemen.

(The actual Father O’Flaherty looked nothing like Gregory Peck.)


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