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Book 19 – Swann’s Way

Sorry, I don’t care how wonderful it is in the French, in English it’s turgid and dull.

Book fail: I only got to P45.


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Book 9 – My Uncle Napoleon by Iraq Pezeshkzad

This one’s a fail, I’m afraid, I only made it to the end of Chapter 2.

Things I didn’t like:

  • The adult world described through a juvenile narrator (just not my taste),
  • I don’t think the dialogue, particularly the idiomatic phrases, came across very well in translation,
  • The servant (who I think is a key character throughout the novel was REALLY annoying).


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Book 26 -Herodotus, the Histories 

A rare reading fail I’m afraid. Mr. Busyknitter regards this as a foundational text, so it has long been a source of mild discord between us that I’d never actually got round to reading it. So I tried ,I really tried. But I was bored silly . Maybe I should have read it when I was  15 and impressionable.  Or even 15 and a tad less busy than now. Whatever.

So there was nothing wrong with the book at all,  I just couldn’t get along with it.

Maybe when I’ve retired.

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