Book 3 – How to Survive the Apocalypse (Zombies, Cylons, Faith and Politics at the End of the World) by Robert Joustra and Alissa Wilkinson 

This was not the book I was expecting,  it turned out to be much better than that.

If you would like to read a book that unpacks the philosopher Charles Taylor’s theories of what ails modern society (in brief; individualism, subjectivism and the double loss of freedom) within the context of your favourite dystopian TV shows, and finishes it off with an optimistic, Christian look forward, then this is the book for you.

But it’s not a light read. It helps if you’ve seen the shows referenced. I got a lot more from the chapters on Battlestar Galactica, House of Cards and The Hunger Games than I did from the sections covering Breaking Bad, Her and Scandal. And it also helped that I was on reasonably familiar ground with the philosophy.



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