Book 6 – Renaissance by Os Guinness

No picture as this was a Kindle book.

I’d not read anything by Os Guinness before,  or even come across his writing. His main interest seems to be the state of Christianity in modern culture. And so this book explores the question,  “Is the power of the Gospel enough to overcome the darkness of the present times”. The objective of the book is to both encourage and challenge Christians and Guinness makes points such as
-The media probably over-represents the “present dark times” (in comparison to previous times),
-but our churches do resemble too much the surrounding culture.

The recommendation is to live out the Gospel with
-committed engagement in the world,
-cultural discernment
-courageous refusal to conform or compromise where necessary.

So, everything to agree with in terms of the book’s content,  but I found the actual read a bit dry.  It’s possibly not a very good type of book to read on a Kindle; I’d have preferred to have been able to flick back and forth more easily and scribble a few notes in the margins.


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