Book 25 – Gateway by Frederick Pohl

I asked my husband to recommend an SF book from our shelves that I hadn’t yet read and he suggested Gateway. Winner of both Hugo and Nebula awards, it’s considered a classic of its type.

And it was quite a fun read. I enjoyed the overall plot setting; sometime in the future teeming humanity has expanded to 25 billion souls on three or four planets. It’s a very unequal society; the very rich live long and healthy lives of luxury, but you are more likely to spend your whole life in the food mines of Wyoming. If you can get to Gateway, anyone has the chance to get rich through prospecting in one of the long abandoned alien spacecraft. Except that you might just as easily die in the attempt.

The book flaunts its seventies sensibilities like the best pair of flared, patch denims you never had; dope-smoking, primal screaming, psychotherapy and lots and lots of casual sex.

I wasn’t so keen on the characters though, Bob was a bit of a jerk. And the others were somewhat 2-D. I did enjoy Sigfrid the computer shrink.


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