Book 17 – Free Country by George Mahood

My first Kindle book, borrowed from the Kindle lending library (not sure how that works, I was expecting the book to disppear in a puff of smoke when I got to the end, but it’s still there)

In 2010 George Mahood and his friend Ben decided to cycle the End to End (aka Lands End to John O’ Groats). They were not experienced cycle tourists and hadn’t done any training. So just to make it a bit harder they decided they would spend no money at all on the trip. And they started out with nothing; no bikes, no equipment, no cash, no food, no shoes and no clothes except for the Union Jack boxer shorts they stood up in.  This book is the story of their three week epic trip.

I really enjoyed reading the book, which was laugh out loud snortingly funny on almost every page. And it brought back happy memories of my own bike trip 25 years ago when I was first married. We had cash, nice bikes and a tent when we set of to cycle the length and breadth of Britain and then move on to Iceland, Denmark and Germany. But like George and Ben we found ourselves on the receiving end of much generosity and kindness from complete strangers.


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