Book 9 – Cafe Theology by Mike Lloyd

This is the theological equivalent of a book of popular science, written for the lay person who is interested in the subject, wants to explore it more than superficially, but hs no plans to enter into full-blown academic study. The author is an Anglican theologian and priest and I’ve mainly come across him before as one of the regular contributors to Godpod, an occasional podcast on theological issues produced by the St. Paul’s Theological Centre in London

I enjoyed reading Cafe Theology and will I am sure re-read at some point, but found it ultimately frustrating as part of a “read a book a week” project. It’s not a hard read, on the contrary it has quite a chatty style and many (mostly awful) jokes. But Mike Lloyd’s canter through the basics of modern evangelical Christian theology covers an awful lot of ground in only 400 pages and I found it difficult to absorb everything in one sitting.

I was mostly interested in what he had to say about free will and the Fall, possibly because of my own background in philosophy which is ancient history now, but still lurking in the dim recesses of my mind. There is a suggested reading list at the end of each chapter and I may take a look at some of his references there.

Next week, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins


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