Book 8 – A Grief Observed

Having read this book without much aforethought, I find I feel the need to justify why I chose it. The plain and simple reason is that I wanted to include something by Lewis in my Lent selection and as I have read all his fiction (I think) and most of the apologetics at some point, there wasn’t much left to choose from. simples.

Don’t think I didn’t appreciate this book. I found it incredibly moving, a very honest and personal account of the grief Lewis went through when his wife died. But it was a hard read and because it was so very personal I’m not sure what there is for anyone else to learn from it.  It would be crass, with anyone struggling with grief and faith for example, to just suggest they read this book. “Look CS Lewis was cross with God as well, but he got over it. And he was very clever so it will probably help you”.  But then, giving books to people going through hard times is always the second best thing to do.

Next week; Cafe Theology by Michael Lloyd


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