Book 30 – Good Evening Mrs Craven: The Wartime Stories of Mollie Panter-Downes

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I’ve been meaning to read some Mollie Panter-Downes for a while now, and picked this one up while on a recent holiday, from a lovely independent bookshop in Hastings.

It’s a series of stories set throughout the war, bookended by two of Panter-Downes’ New Yorker sketches – the first written in the very early days of the war, the second immediately after D-Day.

And it’s terrific, the storest have real great, and also provide fascinating first hand insights into the stresses and strains of life in Britain at that time.


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Book 29 – We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

This novel has a “big reveal” about three or four chapters in, but I didn’t know that when I started to read it. So I spent a while thinking this was going to be about something quite different to the actual plot – when I eventually got there.

I’m not a huge fan of plot twists that are artificially built into a story, particularly when the only narrative reason for not mentioning something crucial is to keep the reader guessing.

But apart from that it turned out to be a fairly engaging story. Very, very sad.

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Book 28 – Notes from Walnut Tree Farm by Roger Deakin

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Interesting, some original observations

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Book 27 – Titanic by Duncan Crosbie, Bob Moulder and Peter Kent

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A rather lovely pop-up book about the Titanic that I found on my brothers bookshelf.


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Book 26 – Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

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An interesting story, very well written. But to my mind the narrative is all from the wrong perspective. It’s tells the story of how an intelligent but unremarkable man comes to terms with his responsibilities in suburban 50s America, all the while failing to notice his wife’s abject misery. I think I would have liked to read the story from the wife’s perspective, trapped by marriage and motherhood into a life she cannot stand. There was definite potential for some feminist polemic in the novel, but it would have needed a female author to bring off.

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Book 25 – Master Georgie by Beryl Bainbridge

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Best description I can come up with for this one is “Bring out yer dead Victorian”. Lots of poverty, squalor and sexual hypocrisy. Can’t say I really got it.

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Book 24 – Bizarre Romance by Audrey Nifenegger and Eddie Campbell

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Very odd stories in comic book format. I quite liked it.

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