Book 26 – Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

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An interesting story, very well written. But to my mind the narrative is all from him the wrong perspective. It’s tells the story of how an intelligent but unremarkable man comes to terms with his responsibilities in suburban 50s America, all the while failing to notice his wife’s abject misery. I think I would have liked to read the story from the wife’s perspective, trapped by marriage and motherhood into a life she cannot stand. There was definite potential for some feminist polemic in the novel, but it would have needed a female author to bring off.


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Book 25 – Master Georgie by Beryl Bainbridge

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Best description I can come up with for this one is “Bring out yer dead Victorian”. Lots of poverty, squalor and sexual hypocrisy. Can’t say I really got it.

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Book 24 – Bizarre Romance by Audrey Nifenegger and Eddie Campbell

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Very odd stories in comic book format. I quite liked it.

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Book 23 – The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 by Doris Lessing

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A big disappointment. I think it was an exploration of the nature of identity in community, but it did it in such a very dull way I struggled to maintain attention.

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Book 22 – The Golden Treasury of Children’s Literature edited by Bryna and Louis Untermeyer



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When I was a very little girl (before I could even read), my Scots Gran gave me The Golden Treasury of Children’s Literature for a birthday or Christmas present. She must have gone up to Glasgow to buy it, because I don’t think American publications were that readily available in East Kilbride in the mid 1960s.

I first loved the illustrations (some from the original editions, some specially commissioned) and over the years I read the pages off the whole book on a repeat cycle. Here I was introduced to classic fairy stories (Perrault, Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson), fables (Aesop), stories from the Arabian Nights, Mary Poppins, Alice, the Wizard of Oz, the Selfish Giant, Doctor Dolittle, The King of the Golden River, Peter Pan, Brer Rabbit, the Water Rat and Mole. It even includes The Unexpected Party.

My own copy was lost along with most of my childhood books in a house fire in the 1980s, but after reading Lucy Mangan’s book a few weeks ago, I went nosing around the internet and found a reasonably priced copy on Abebooks. It arrived yesterday, all the way from St. Louis and I am now in my 8-year old heaven.

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Book 21 – The Beautiful and Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Interesting, flawed look at the Jazz Age

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Book 20 – The Boy on the Bridge by M.R.Carey

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Zombie Apocalypse thriller. Mostly in the Highlands. With added autism.

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